Our Purpose
Our Purpose

Carrell Care Community Partners believes young adults age 18-30, who fall into the health insurance "Coverage Gap," should have access to medically necessary orthopedic care in order to fulfill their potential.

Our Mission

Carrell Care Community Partners provides to recipients pro bono, medically necessary orthopedic surgery, clinical care, and durable medical equipment to uninsured or underinsured young adults who are 200% below the Federal Poverty Limit, and qualify for the program.

Our Vision

To remove the barrier of access to medically necessary orthopedic care for young people in the healthcare "Coverage Gap," enabling them to reach their full potential in education, employment, and the ability to live with dignity and independence.


Your generous donation continues the legacy of expert orthopedic care that began with Dr. W.B. Carrell and continues today, over 100 years later. Our committment to Dr. Carrell's original vision is what propels us today in the 21st century. While Texas Scottish Rite Hospital continues to support the needs of children with musculoskeletal issues today, when they age out of that system they are on their own for future medical costs. Many of these young adults have ongoing musculoskeletal medical needs, but have limited financial resources and no health insurance coverage. Muskuloskeletal conditions are complicated, expensive to treat and for the recipients we help- out of reach were it not for our financial assistance. But we cannot do that without YOU! YOUR SUPPORT, CARE and GENEROSITY enables these young people to have HOPE! By receiving the care they need we put them on a path to success- a future with opportunity, resilience, dignity and independence.

Your gift TODAY means we can say YES! to more young people and CHANGE LIVES! 

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