Carrell Care Community Partners Circle of Care • Medical Care Model

Circle of Care Program

Circle of Care Program
  • Submit Application

    Applicant submits application and attaches Income Verification, History and Detail of current orthopedic need.

  • CCCP Receives and Reviews Application

    The CCCP Program Director sends completed applications to CCCP Board and processes background checks. Board reviews each application to determine if applicant qualifies.

  • Acceptance to CCCP Program

    CCCP Program Director notifies applicant with a formal acceptance letter. Each new CCCP Recipient is connected to the appropriate Community Partner Physician and team by the care coordinator.

  • Surgical Process

    If surgery is needed, Community Care Partner Admin to notify all parties involved of "Charity Care" status and confirms ALL services are donated: Anesthesia, Facility, Surgeon

  • Implant Process

    If implants are needed for surgery, the Community Partner Provider will contact Carrell Care Community Partners for approval. CCCP will confirm implant-and secure the in-kind product donation.

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Process

    If DME is needed, CCCP will reimburse Provider at prearranged discounted rate.

  • Pre and Post Operative Process

    CCCP will reimburse -at 100% Medicaid rates- all approved necessary pre-operative and post-operative services (ie: Xrays, labs, MRI, etc)

  • Completion of Charity Care

    Community Care Partner Providers to contact the CCCP Program Director once treatment is completed for the Recipient.

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