Carrell Care Community Partners Circle of Care • Medical Care Model

Circle of Care Program

Circle of Care Program
  • Submit Application

    Applicant submits application and attaches Income Verification, History and Detail of current orthopedic need.

  • Carrell Care Receives and Reviews Application

    The Carrell Care Program Director sends completed applications to Carrell Care Board and processes background checks. Board reviews each application to determine if applicant qualifies.

  • Acceptance to Carrell Care Program

    Carrell Care Program Director notifies applicant with a formal acceptance letter. Each new Carrell Care Recipient is connected to the appropriate Community Partner Physician and team by the care coordinator.

  • Surgical Process

    If surgery is needed, Community Care Partner Admin to notify all parties involved of "Charity Care" status and confirms ALL services are donated: Anesthesia, Facility, Surgeon

  • Implant Process

    If implants are needed for surgery, the Community Partner Provider will contact Carrell Care Community Partners for approval. Carrell Care will confirm implant-and secure the in-kind product donation.

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Process

    If DME is needed, Carrell Care will reimburse Provider at prearranged discounted rate.

  • Pre and Post Operative Process

    Carrell Care will reimburse -at 100% Medicaid rates- all approved necessary pre-operative and post-operative services (ie: Xrays, labs, MRI, etc)

  • Completion of Charity Care

    Community Care Partner Providers to contact the Carrell Care Program Director once treatment is completed for the Recipient.

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