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Carrell Care stepped in and helped Carla receive a left knee ACL reconstruction thanks to our Community Partners at USPI, Carrell Clinic and Dallas Anesthesiology Associates.


"I’m a freshman athlete in college. Unfortunately I got injured during the preseason playing volleyball. My mom had Scottish Rite “Crayon Care” insurance for my brother and me -but unfortunately when I turned 18 this year -my coverage ended as I aged out of children’s charity care and ineligible for Texas Medicaid. With Carrell Care’s help- I can pursue my dream to continue playing volleyball in college and graduate in sports management and kinesiology. I’m very blessed to find Carrell Care! Thank you!"


Carrell Care stepped in and helped Kaliah receive a new socket for her above knee prosthesis thanks to our Community Partners at Hanger Clinic.

"I am a 21 year old physically active, above the knee amputee. I am also a nursing student and patient care tech, which calls for me to stand on my feet over 14 hours each day. My prosthetic leg socket was creating issues - causing wounds and extreme pain by the end of the day. With the new socket, I am able to go about my day without pain and discomfort with every step. I am brighter and happier during clinical rotations and no longer need constant breaks from walking throughout the day. Thank You Carrell Care and Hanger!"

Why we are Carrell Care Community Partners

The founders of Carrell Care Community Partners built a unique model of charity care- the CIRCLE OF CARE- that would not be possible without the generous contributions of time, talent, donations from our Community Partners. Comprised of Community Care Provider Partners– we coordinate care for our recipients with top medical talent in virtually any city. These dedicated surgeons, physicians, anesthesiologists, prosthetic companies, orthopedic labs, medical implant companies, corporations and hospital facilities either donate or provide discounted rates for their time, talent, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to provide patients with the care they need without facing costly medical bills. Carrell Care funds orthotics, prosthetics, mobility equipment, joint replacements, and surgeries free of charge to the Carrell Care recipient. Additionally, Carrell Care provides aftercare – physical therapy and other follow-up treatments – on a case by case, "as needed" basis.

Thank You Community Partners! Your are all Champions of Care!

Dr Kurt Kiger

Dr. Kurt Kitziger

Board Certified Reconstructive Hip & Knee Surgery, Carrell Clinic

“I am happy to work with patients through the Carrell Clinic Foundation. I find it immensely gratifying to be able to help patients without concern for payment. Such folks have typically put off medical care for a long time because they couldn’t afford it. The Carrell Care has been a special gift to many of them.”

Dr. Kurt Kitziger, Board Certified Reconstructive Hip & Knee Surgery, Carrell Clinic

Anne Cowden

Anne Cowden

Co-founder Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine

“I plan to continue making the donation every year. Carrell Care most graciously accepted one of my employees into their Recipient Program, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to help enable others to receive the same exceptional care that otherwise would not be available to them. You make it possible for less fortunate people to live and work without excruciating pain, and that makes me happy. Thank you for the great work that you do through the foundation.”

Anne Cowden, Co-founder Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine

Justin P

Justin P.

LCPO, Hanger Clinic MBA-Regional Vice President, Texas

“At Hanger Clinic we continue to partner with Carrell Care because of their mission to sustainably serve patients that do not have access to appropriate funding. Carrell Care provides an opportunity to those who might otherwise be a victim to their circumstances and not lead the quality of life that they deserve. Carrell Care continues to provide assistance to individuals that can be wonderful contributing members of their community, they just need a little support to overcome their physical challenges. We are proud to work with Carrell Care to rebuild lives.”

Justin P., LCPO, Hanger Clinic MBA-Regional Vice President, Texas

Dr Robinson

Dr Robinson

Board Certified Spine Surgery, Carrell Clinic

“Going through the rigorous path of becoming a spine surgeon is instantaneously gratifying when you have the ability to take people out of severe nerve pain. Being able to do that for the Recipients of the Carrell Care Community Partners, a 501c3- is an absolute honor and privilege for me.”

Dr. Robinson, Board Certified Spine Surgery, Carrell Clinic


Your generous donation continues the legacy of expert orthopedic care that began with Dr. W.B. Carrell and continues today, over 100 years later. Our committment to Dr. Carrell's original vision is what propels us today in the 21st century. While Texas Scottish Rite Hospital continues to support the needs of children with musculoskeletal issues today, when they age out of that system they are on their own for future medical costs. Many of these young adults have ongoing musculoskeletal medical needs, but have limited financial resources and no health insurance coverage. Muskuloskeletal conditions are complicated, expensive to treat and for the recipients we help- out of reach were it not for our financial assistance. But we cannot do that without YOU! YOUR SUPPORT, CARE and GENEROSITY enables these young people to have HOPE! By receiving the care they need we put them on a path to success- a future with opportunity, resilience, dignity and independence.

Your gift TODAY means we can say YES! to more young people and CHANGE LIVES! 

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