Historical Background

Carrell Care Community Partners Historical

William Beall Carrell, MD and Percy M. Girard, MD established the Carrell-Girard Clinic in Dallas in the early 1920s. The orthopedic clinic was initially located at 3701 Maple Avenue. In addition to general orthopedics, Dr. Carrell developed a deep concern for children with orthopedic deformities. He quickly became the driving force behind a campaign for a crippled children’s hospital in Dallas. His dream was realized in 1922 when the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children was built adjacent to the Clinic. This hospital has served Texas crippled children for almost 100 years.

Building on a Legacy

Building on a Legacy picture

The Carrell Care Community Partners is positioned to make an impact on musculoskeletal care in North Texas during the 21st century. With independent governance and a commitment to patients, our nonprofit foundation can fund timely critical research, education, charitable patient care as well as patient advocacy efforts.

As part of our stewardship plan, we have established discounted charitable care rates that facilitate willingness of providers to participate in care, generally covering costs only and discouraging profit from charitable efforts to treat patients. We are able to provide funding at any worthy institution, thus maximizing our impact for patients, and staying true to the commitment to make the most of donated funds. This approach allows the foundation and its patients the greatest flexibility and access to high quality medical care. We are indebted to those grateful patients, philanthropists and organizations who partner with us through their financial support.

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